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Zubi Group strengthens its commitment to the team with the EFR Certification

At Zubi Group, we know that caring for our people’s well-being is key to achieving success. As a company committed to positive impact, we understand that this impact must begin with our own team. We are truly aware that achieving a balance between work and personal life not only improves the quality of life for our employees but also strengthens the company as a whole. 

For this reason, we celebrate an important milestone for us: obtaining the EFR (Family Responsible Company). This distinction reflects our commitment to creating a more humane, sustainable, and people-centered work environment, where the well-being of our team is a fundamental priority.

What is the EFR certification?

The EFR certification is an initiative driven by the Fundación Másfamilia, aiming to recognize organizations that implement work-life balance and family responsibility policies. This seal indicates that the company cares about the overall well-being of its employees beyond productivity and efficiency and reflects our solid and constant commitment to improving the working conditions of our team.

Zubi Group's commitment to work-life balance

At Zubi Group, we are very proud that the Fundación Másfamilia has recognized all the measures we have implemented for work, personal, and family balance. It is a recognition that highlights the commitment and support of the management to be a truly family-responsible company. 

We strive to go beyond the current legislation requirements, always putting people at the center of our actions. We promote a “human-centered” culture, focused on the experience of our employees and the continuous improvement of their working and personal conditions. 

Among the policies that have allowed us to obtain the EFR certification is a broad catalog of measures to ensure job quality, flexibility, family support, personal and professional development, and equal opportunities. These initiatives are designed to promote the well-being of our team and foster an inclusive and productive work environment. But this is just the beginning. The EFR model involves motivation and continuous improvement to renew the certification year after year. 

At Zubi Group, we remain committed to the progress and development of our current measures and the implementation of new initiatives that benefit our team. We strive to create an increasingly inclusive, healthy, and flexible work environment where everyone can thrive both personally and professionally. We are dedicated to listening to our team and adapting to their needs, ensuring that our positive impact starts from within.