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We are
an impact

Zubi Group arose out of a vocation to promote economic and sustainable development as well as the creation and maintenance of decent jobs and work all while making a positive social and environmental impact through business creation and financing.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda from different angles.

Strategy and impact measurement to build a better future

We are a tool for solving different global challenges through local action. To achieve this, we have an impact strategy based on the theory of change which allows us to focus on interventions to make an even greater impact.

Our theory of change is comprised of the following:

We identify global social and environmental challenges that can be overcome through local action.

To do so, we conduct analyses and research to delimit activities and maximize our impact.

We come up with breakthrough and innovative ideas that allow us to focus on making the biggest possible impact with our business models.


We invest capital and create teams of people committed to contributing solutions for the challenges raised.

We create projects with a triple impact that strengthen the impact eco-system, innovation and entrepreneurism within our organization.

Our results directly and positively influence how the challenges we face are solved. An intended, positive and measurable impact.


Our projects with a social purpose positively influence education, health, poverty and the demographic challenge. At the same time, our projects with an environmental purpose influence biodiversity, cities, sustainable infrastructures, water and climate change.

An ESG strategy, providing value to the organization and stakeholders

We believe the positive and negative impacts of our activities also have an influence on our stakeholders. That’s why our ESG strategy is based on the following pillars:

We choose suppliers that allow us to increase the positive impact of our business, in line with the following principles: 

  • Promoting long-lasting relationships of trust
  • Promoting rigorous compliance with ILO standards
  • Favoring local suppliers to create local economic networks
  • Establishing transparent, impartial and objective contracting mechanisms
  • Favoring responsible suppliers
  • Favoring suppliers owned by mostly women or minorities or people at risk of exclusion
  • Ensuring fair prices and proper payment terms
  • Collaborating with suppliers to enhance their social and environmental impact

Promoting transparency and equity as well as efficient resource allocation:

  • Protecting and facilitating the exercise of shareholder rights and guaranteeing equal treatment for all.
  • Acknowledging the rights of interested parties as provided for by law or stipulated by mutual agreement.
  • Fostering cooperation between the company and society with a view to sustainably creating wealth and jobs from a social, environmental and economic perspective.
  • Guaranteeing a strategic orientation for the company and effective management control by the governing body.
  • Guaranteeing truthful and rigorous communication of all relevant issues related to the company including its financial situation, results, ownership structure and governing bodies.

Talent is the foundation for our success as an organization.

We have a management system that guarantees a positive impact is made in all phases.

  • When coming up with ideas, we evaluate the potential impact.
  • When developing, we iterate and measure to maximize the impact.
  • When consolidating, we measure the impacts and validate the framework of action.
  • We aggregate group-level indicators to visualize our progress towards achieving the sustainable development goals.

Our environmental management procedure guarantees the most relevant impacts are identified and appropriately managed. It is based on the following principles

  • Complying with the environmental laws in effect
  • Identifying environmental impacts and risks annually
  • Getting our personnel involved in environmental management
  • Encouraging environmentally respectful behavior among our customers and personnel both at the organization’s facilities as well as in their private lives
  • Promoting waste separation and water pollution prevention
  • Making conscientious use of energy
  • Making conscientious use of water
  • Promoting a low-carbon economy
  • Collaborating with suppliers to enhance their environmental impact
  • Publicly disclosing our environmental behavior once a year

Measuring our impact allows us to improve by taking advantage of opportunities and reducing the risks

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