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We use the company as a way to resolve social and environmental challenges all while generating economic profitability in the market

We are a group of companies making an impact made up of a team of more than 150 people committed to solving social and environmental challenges.

We come up with and create projects that flourish, sharing the economic value created with the teams that make it all possible and allow us to reinvest the profits in new and evermore ambitious projects. This is the virtuous circle we work in each and every day. Plus, we operate as catalytical capital by financing the first steps of different projects, taking on the initial risk to later add other co-investors along the way. Likewise, we work as the initial anchor investor in the investment vehicles we create and manage, mobilizing ours and third-party capital towards the impact.

We focus on entrepreneurship, the development of sustainable urban environments, investment, education and consultancy, accompanying organisations towards positive impact.

Zubi Group,
a Story of Impact

Zubi Group is the result of the evolution and growth of Zubi Labs, an impact venture builder founded in 2014 with the goal of creating companies making an impact to solve social and environmental challenges.

Our founder and President is outstanding entrepreneur Iker Marcaide, who also founded Flywire, the first company of Spanish origin to be listed on Nasdaq.

2014 - Zubi Labs was created

Iker Marcaide founded Zubi Labs in 2014 with the aim of being able to create companies making an impact along with co-founding managers and finance these companies in areas such as the fight against climate change, the circular economy, talent development and solutions for groups at risk of exclusion.

2016 - First adventure: Imagine Montessori School

The Imagine Montessori School in Valencia was created to nourish talent for a better world. It combines the complete content of the British curriculum and the benefits of Montessori teaching methods with a special focus on sustainability.

2017 - The La Pinada Neighborhood project began

The first eco-neighborhood which is being co-created along with its future residents. Currently in the design and approval process, it has been acknowledged by Europe as a pioneer in the fight against climate change.

2019 - Zubi Labs formally becomes a Venture Builder

An Impact Venture Builder through which we co-found companies making an impact alongside people with an enterprising spirit to solve social and environmental challenges by contributing opportunities, resources and investment.

2019 - The opening of the second Imagine Montessori School

Designed as an inspiring, healthy environment offering the ideal conditions for children’s wellbeing and learning with methods to transmit sustainability principles.

2020 - La Pinada Lab is born

La Pinada Lab is an open innovation center for sustainability. It’s a place where people, companies, universities and institutions come together to solve key challenges.

2021 - Zubi Capital is created

Following COVID, we expanded our business creation activity to begin investing in third-party companies. And that’s how Zubi Capital came along. It created the very first impact fund aimed at Venture Debt in Europe and earmarked to finance the growth of companies making a social and environmental impact, mobilizing capital to invest in third-party companies that help build a better future.

2022 - Zubi Group is founded

The growth of all the companies led to the creation of Zubi Group, which is structured into five areas of business with a firm purpose: solving challenges for a better future. We focus on entrepreneurship, the development of sustainable urban environments, investment, education and consultancy, accompanying organisations towards positive impact.

Manifiesto, a commitment to people and the planet

Detalle turquesa

We are committed to making positive contributions to solve social and environmental challenges through local action, mobilizing talent and investment to create and invest in companies and help our community and our customers continue along the path towards sustainability so that, together, we may achieve a better future.

We are surrounded by people who passionately share a commitment to each other and to a better future, and put all of their knowledge and passion to work in order to achieve it. They are people who are convinced that anything is possible and that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The combination of an agile and dynamic environment with an ambitious and inspiring purpose and the best responsible, proactive and generous talent is and will always be our biggest competitive advantage.

What we feel and say is so coherent that it spreads through everything we do: from the smallest of our gestures to the execution of our major projects.

We are non-conforming by nature, share an innovative and concerned spirit and we are curious and creative. We are agents of change.

We are explorers, always seeking new solutions and roads, and are accompanied by pragmatism and excitement, determination and perseverance.

We make it so changes and results happen, minimizing the negative impact of our activities and targeting our strategy at creating positive social and/or environmental value to solve more and more ambitious challenges.

Highly complex scenarios will never stop us. If we don’t know something, we learn and then share. We humbly ask for help in the certainty we will always find the greatest of collaboration from our team.

We recognize, value and celebrate all contributions, especially those that make us a company that is unique, different and diverse so we are stronger and better prepared to face the challenges.

We believe in collaboration, we want to motivate people and companies to act with a focus on triple impact. We seek alliances that allow us to achieve the sustainable development goals.

We want transparency to be a fundamental cornerstone holding up our roadmap as a company in order to become an organization that is open, horizontal, fair, honest, sincere, integral, empathetic, inclusive and permeable with our environment; a company that leads by example with no barriers internally or in society where building relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and community based on honesty is a priority. This is the only way we will be capable of generating the trust and confidence to grow and evolve as individuals, organizations and societies.

A committed team

Pilar González

Workplace & Events Manager

Laura García

Controlling, Admin & Accounting

Beatriz Torres

Digital Marketing Specialist

María Sevilla

Labor Relations Manager

Alicia Galián

People & Culture specialist

Sara Castelló

Head of Operations & Public Funding

Luz Martínez

Director of Communications
& PR

Vicente Sáez


Belén Ortells

Chief Marketing Officer

Desiré Elvias

Administration and Accounting

José Luis Montañés

Backend Developer

Marta Zárate

Head of Investor Relations & Business Development

Gastón Nosiglia

Brand communicator

Luz Duyos

Head of Strategy

Iker Marcaide

Founder & Executive Chairman

David Mateos

Chief Technology Officer

Sonia Pérez

Administration and Accounting

Isabel Cerro

People & Culture Senior Partner

Carlos Martín


Elena Yepes

Chief People Officer

Miguel Rodríguez

Content Manager

Luis Campo


Belén Carreño

Talent Acquisition Manager

Desirée Monzó

Group Chief Financial Officer

Clara Aragó

Legal Specialist

Javier Carabias

Strategy Specialist

Agostina Figueroa

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Alice Cadet

Strategy Associate

Laura Perea

Audiovisual Specialist

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