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We help companies make a positive impact

Our consultancy area offers strategy, management and impact measurement services. We help companies and organisations to walk their own path towards sustainability and positive impact.

The Challenge

The activities of an organisation generate positive and negative impacts on the environment and society. Nowadays, companies and organisations have to accept new legislative requirements and evolve their business models towards more sustainable models.

Identifying, measuring and managing the impact generated allows companies to reduce risks and increase opportunities, increasing efficiency and improving their image and reputation.

Our Solution

We adapt to all types of companies, regardless of the level of ESG maturity of the organisation. The important thing is to move towards more sustainable models, and to achieve this we accompany organisations in:

· Strategy, management and impact measurement.

· Development of frameworks and tools for decision-making (ESG and impact).

· Implementation of action and investment plans taking into account non-financial criteria: setting objectives, measuring and monitoring the process.

· Development of sustainability policies and organisational structuring.

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