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Zubi Group, recognized for its vision of wellness and work balance at the SFS 2023 Awards

At Zubi Group, our commitment to creating a healthy, flexible and sustainable work environment is not only a part of our mission, it is at the very heart of our corporate culture. Recently, this commitment was recognized in a way that fills us with joy and pride. At the Healthy, Flexible and Sustainable Company (SFS) 2023 International Awards Gala, organized by CVA and ORH Human Resources Observatory and supported by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Zubi Group won first place in the Small Business category. This recognition underlines our focus on well-being and work balance, as well as sustainability.

premios bienestar y equilibrio laboral

A commitment to well-being at work and flexibility

On the road to this achievement, the jury highlighted that Zubi Group is “a company that is committed to healthy and sustainable business growth through a culture of care for its employees that is equally healthy and sustainable“. And this commitment is not just a slogan; it is a reflection of our firm conviction that the well-being of our employees is a fundamental priority.

Our investment in the physical and emotional well-being of our team is a key element of this vision. We believe and advocate that healthy, happy employees are more productive and capable of meeting the challenges of today’s workplace.

Flexibility and mutual trust

In addition to wellness, flexibility is another cornerstone of our work culture. At Zubi Group, we believe that work flexibility is essential for our employees to achieve a balance between their personal, family and professional lives. Our total flexibility model is based on mutual trust between the company and employees, allowing our employees to manage their work time in the way that best suits their needs and responsibilities.

In an interview recently published on our blog, our Chief People Officer, Elena Yepes, shares Zubi Group’s vision on work-life balance, flexibility and well-being at work.

In her own words, “We believe that a healthy and sustainable company starts with the well-being of the people who make it up. That is why we promote a work environment where collaboration, flexibility and trust are fundamental. Our mission is to build a better world for everyone, and that starts here, in our workplace.

This vision has become a reality through our ongoing commitment to wellness, flexibility and sustainability, and recognitions such as the SFS Awards motivate us to continue our efforts to lead a change in the way companies address wellness and work balance.

SFS Awards: a recognition of business excellence

The SFS Awards celebrate companies’ commitment to health, flexibility and sustainability in the workplace by recognizing companies that share the vision of a more balanced, people-centered world of work. In this way, they reward and recognize companies that, without losing sight of profitability, promote adaptive and resilient work environments based on collaboration, trust and respect for the balance of professional, personal and family life, implement good practices for the prevention and care of the physical and psychological health of their employees and have a comprehensive and responsible vision of their environment, in which they generate a positive and lasting impact.

In this edition, a total of 67 companies from 7 countries have applied, of which 14 have become finalists.

Thanks to the Organizers and Sponsors

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the organizers of the SFS Awards, CVA and ORH, for their hard work and commitment to this cause, fundamental to inspire positive change in the business world.

Thanks also to the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 for their institutional support and to the sponsors of the event OEI, CEOE, the University of Santiago de Chile. Aenor, TotalEnergies, Savia and Merkle. Their support for the promotion of healthier and more sustainable work environments is fundamental to the success of this initiative.