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Zubi Group, MadBlue and Social Nest Foundation join together to hold the first Impact Morning Mixer in Madrid

On June 8th, the Antón Martín Market, in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood, witnessed the first Impact Morning Mixer, a side event that we held on the occasion of South Summit to share a morning with friends from the impact ecosystem.

In a relaxed atmosphere, where we believe that important conversations arise more easily, we met to catch up, introduce new faces and share ideas.

Such an experience creates connections between people with common or close interests that can be aligned with a common purpose: positive impact.

Impact Morning Mixer, a space for impact exploration

Three organizations committed to transforming the world to build a better future. This is how Zubi Group, Social Nest Foundation and MadBlue decided to organize a meeting between ecosystem professionals to hear the latest developments of each project and explore possible synergies between the initiatives of the attendees.

Collaboration and active listening are key to working towards our goals. That is why we believed that a space where a lot of activity and connections between people are generated on a daily basis, such as a marketplace, was the perfect scenario to get together and share our different but aligned visions on how to approach our paths.

Connecting with people in an environment like this is easier and brings much more value to generate community and promote the exchange needed to further our mission of impact.

The impact of people

The real potential of this Mixer was the people who were part of it. Strengthening an ecosystem is possible thanks to talent and effort with a focus on the path of impact, a transversal commitment to the professionals, startups, institutions and investment funds that accompanied us: MWCC, Croton Capital, Woltea, Kreos Capital, Nästa, Educapital, Seedrs-Republic, Encantado de Comerte, Kaya Impacto, The Good Goal, CRH Ventures, RGN Impact, Unigow, Kimpa, Norrsken, Compare Ethics, Urban Air Purifier, Danone, Forest Chain, Techfoodmag, Green Ventures, Fundación Daniel and Nina Carasso or Contrarian Ventures among others.

Thanks for joining the Impact Crew!

After the event, we took the subway together to South Summit, a journey that reduced our CO2 emissions by 97%. Because impact is facts.

And so we concluded a meeting from which we believe that many ideas will come out to face the great challenges that lie ahead. Because one thing is clear, we will achieve it by going hand in hand, enriching those relationships between people that are the engine of change.

We continue!