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Zubi Group Launches Matteco to Revolutionize Green Hydrogen Production

Zubi Group, renowned for its impact in developing sustainable solutions, has announced its venture into the green hydrogen field with the launch of Matteco. This new project, spearheaded by Iker Marcaide as CEO and co-founder, focuses on advanced materials for green hydrogen production, marking a milestone in the energy transition towards a more sustainable economy.

Innovations in Green Hydrogen Production

Matteco made a splash at the European Hydrogen Week in Brussels with its inaugural innovation: next-generation catalysts and electrodes. These components are vital for efficient green hydrogen production through water electrolysis, offering significant reductions in energy consumption and enhancing electrolyzer efficiency.

Global Impact and Project Scope

The company has already secured clients in Europe and Asia, with its technology being incorporated by leading global electrolyzer manufacturers. This global reach not only underscores Matteco’s technological significance in the energy sector but also reinforces its role in reducing carbon emissions in key industries.

Commitment to Investment and Employment

With an investment of 15 million euros and the creation of over 100 jobs in the next two years, Matteco sets an example of how innovation and corporate commitment can drive both the economy and sustainable development.

Collaboration and Technological Advancement

Matteco is not just focused on technological innovation; it also contributes to the development of public-private collaborative projects, fostering joint research and technological progress in the hydrogen sector and clean energy production.

A Vision for the Future

Iker Marcaide, together with Gonzalo Abellán, co-founder and CTO of Matteco, emphasize the importance of this initiative in combating climate change and transitioning towards a more sustainable economy. With pioneering technology and a clear vision, Matteco positions itself as a key player in the hydrogen value chain, with the potential to reduce costs and accelerate the adoption of this clean and versatile energy source.

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