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Zubi Group joins the GSG Global Impact Summit 2023: Commitment to Positive Impact

At Zubi Group, our firm conviction in the search for opportunities that generate a positive impact on the world has led us to participate in the GSG Global Impact Summit 2023, an event of global relevance that took place in the city of Malaga.

Organized by the SpainNAB Association (Advisory Council for Impact Investment) and the GSG (Global Steering Group for Impact Investment), in collaboration with the City of Malaga and Impact Hub, this event brought together more than 1,000 impact investment leaders from around the world, representing around 500 organizations.

The GSG Global Impact Summit 2023 at a glance

The GSG Global Impact Summit has become a key meeting point for all those who share a passion for impact investing and sustainability. Held on October 2-3, 2023, this event has served as a beacon for the discussion of innovative ideas, responsible investment opportunities and the future of the impact economy.

Our participation in the GSG Global Impact Summit:

Zubi Group actively participated in the GSG Global Impact Summit. Iker Marcaide, founder and CEO, not only attended the event, but also shared his vision and experience as a speaker in two important panels:

“How can investors support entrepreneurs and business builders?”

In this panel on technology investment, Iker Marcaide discussed the needs of entrepreneurs and growing companies to build their businesses and make a positive impact. It was a pleasure to share valuable insights with other participants, such as Cem Baytok (idacapital), Jordi Garcia Brustenga (Enisa with innovative entrepreneurship), Horacio Pavez (GSG NAB Chile – Impact Investing) and Philip Bateman (Bravo Charlie).

“Mobilizing Impact Capital for Sustainable Cities and Inclusive Urban Development.”

Iker Marcaide also participated in another important panel that addressed how to mobilize impact capital to promote sustainable cities and inclusive urban development. Together with other experts such as Anjali Bansal (Avaana Capital Climate and Sustainability Fund), Jaime Gómez-Llera (Primero H), Roland Pearson (Habitat for Humanity International) and Sebastián Welisiejko (The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment – GSG), they explored best practices in financial vehicles and solutions to scale investments and foster sustainable and inclusive cities.

An Inspiring Encounter with Sir Ronald Cohen

During the GSG Global Impact Summit, we were honored to hear from one of the most influential figures in the world of impact finance: Sir Ronald Cohen. His impact in this field is undeniable, and his vision has transformed the way we approach investing and its ability to create positive impact.

Sir Ronald Cohen is widely recognized as one of the leading advocates of impact finance. His commitment and dedication to this cause are a constant source of inspiration for many professionals in the field. His approach goes beyond the pursuit of financial returns; it is about finding a balance between financial success and a meaningful contribution to society.

What impressed us most about him was his passionate dedication to building a better world through impact investing and his commitment to creating a positive impact is contagious.

At the event, we also had the participation of other members of our team, such as José Nistal, CEO of Zubi Capital, Marta Zárate, Head of Investor Relations & Business Development at Zubi Group and Carlos Martín, CEO of Zubi Group.

The presence and participation of our team at the GSG Global Impact Summit 2023 reflects our joint commitment to drive positive impact and to continue leading initiatives that promote responsible and sustainable investment. In addition, we were honored to share this exciting journey towards a better world with supporters and collaborators passionate about impact investing, such as Margarita Albors, Founder and President of Social Nest Foundation, Jose Luis de Amunain, Managing Director of Spain NAB and his team or with Maria Angeles León Co-Founder and President of GSI.

Strengthening connections in the Spanish impact ecosystem

Within the framework of the GSG, three leading entities in the field of impact investing in Spain, Zubi Group, Social Nest Foundation and Global Social Impact Investments, joined forces in a joint effort to organize an exceptional event that was attended by more than 100 people. This event has served as a platform to strengthen connections in the impact ecosystem in Spain, as well as to strengthen ties with international organizations that share our vision.

After a first day full of impactful and enriching content, we had the pleasure of enjoying a networking dinner, enlivened with live music, which offered all attendees the opportunity to relax and share ideas in a unique and enriching environment, whose spirit will continue to drive positive change.