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Fundación Diabetes Cero Zubi Group

Zubi Group joins Diabetes Zero Foundation to help more than 10 million people suffering from type 1 diabetes worldwide.

In the DNA of Zubi Group lies our commitment to people and the planet. That’s why we wanted to do our part by becoming part of the Friends of the Diabetes Zero Foundation program. Not only to make an impact on society but also to bring hope to the more than 10 million people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes worldwide.

In this way, we aim to support research projects led by top international scientists in the best research centers in Spain. With the sole purpose of finding a cure for this increasing chronic disease, which unfortunately sees thousands of children and adolescents diagnosed each year.

We know the challenge is enormous, and that’s why we have joined forces with the Diabetes Zero Foundation to work hand in hand and try to change the future for as many people as possible.

Together, we will build a better world where no child suffers from a chronic illness. A world without Type 1 Diabetes.