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Zubi Group Equality Committee: Promoting Diversity and Equality in the Workplace

Diversity and equality have become fundamental aspects of people management. The importance of promoting inclusive and equitable work environments goes beyond mere ethical considerations and has become a key strategic factor.

In this context, a study by BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, highlights how companies that promote gender equality in their teams achieve outstanding results. Over the period between 2013 and 2022, companies that maintained a balanced representation of women and men outperformed those with less diversity by 1.6% in return on assets annually. In addition, the study underlines that having a diverse workforce at all levels is essential for financial performance

Diversity and equality in the workplace, a critical challenge

The representation of women in executive positions in 2021 was only 18%, and in 2022, only 6% of CEO positions were held by women. This underrepresentation in senior roles affects all sectors and underscores the challenge organizations face in moving towards equality and diversity in the workplace.

Zubi Group takes a firm step towards equality and diversity

To address these challenges and move towards equality and diversity, Zubi Group has taken a step forward and created the Equality Committee. This committee, composed of a committed group of members, will actively work to drive initiatives to improve diversity and equality in Zubi Group and in the work environment in general.

Benefits of an equality commission in the company

Having an Equality Commission in the organisation brings significant advantages beyond legal compliance. Among the benefits highlighted is the improvement of the work climate, as the Commission focuses on ensuring a fair and equitable work environment for all employees. This fosters collaboration and harmony in the company, reducing internal conflicts and improving employee satisfaction.

In addition, the committee contributes to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. Promoting a work environment that respects equality leads to more engaged and satisfied people, which translates into higher work efficiency and lower absenteeism.

A real and voluntary commitment

The initiative to create the Equality Commission in Zubi Group goes beyond the regulatory obligation, since the company does not reach the minimum number of employees required to establish such a commission. Instead, Zubi Group assumes this commitment out of conviction and dedication to its values and its commitment to all its employees.

The drivers of change

The members of Zubi Group’s Equality Committee, including Pedro Olázabal, Isabel Cerro, Aphat Amonarraiz, María Sevilla, Pablo Moreno and Luz Martínez, have joined this initiative with enthusiasm and a strong desire to make a difference. A passionate team that seeks to promote equality and diversity in the workplace.

Towards a professional environment of reference in diversity and equality

This measure represents a significant step forward in Zubi Group’s trajectory and contributes to the construction of a professional environment of reference in diversity and equality. The Equality Committee meets quarterly to promote priority actions and measures to foster equality and diversity in the company, demonstrating a strong commitment to positive change in the workplace.