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From Black to Green Friday: alternatives for responsible consumption

Third week of November and the bombardment of offers and unique opportunities anticipates the arrival of Black Friday, an emblem of unrestrained consumerism thanks to its irresistible sales and discounts.

However, behind the facade of irresistible sales, a worrying reality is hidden. Impulsive purchases generated by the urge to take advantage of bargains not only affect our finances, but also have a devastating impact on the environment and society.

The “fast fashion” phenomenon and the overproduction linked to Black Friday are responsible for tons of textile waste that depletes natural resources at an alarming rate. This phenomenon also ignores labor rights and prioritizes low-cost production without regard for ethics and sustainability. How can this global movement be confronted?

Green Friday, for sustainable consumption

Green Friday stands as a conscious and sustainable response to this consumerist maelstrom. Since its inception in 2015, this green alternative has taken root as a global movement that stands out for its focus on sustainability and reflection on the environmental impact of our purchases, inviting us to adopt more responsible consumption practices.

Adopting Green Friday does not mean giving up shopping, but rather making more conscious decisions and encouraging reflection before buying, focusing on quality, sustainability and supporting ethical brands.

Looking to join the Green Friday movement in a practical and effective way?

Meet Nästa! A revolutionary app that not only offers you sustainable benefits, but also helps you measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

Nästa has a clear mission: to raise awareness and empower people in the fight against climate change. How does it achieve this? With a “super” app that combines a carbon footprint meter with a marketplace full of sustainable options.

This application, aimed at businesses, allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and compare it with other users in key areas such as transportation, mobility and shopping. Want to know the real impact of your daily actions on the environment? Nästa shows you!

The magic of Nästa is in its simplicity. Through simple questions and advanced technology, it gives you valuable information. For example, did you know that it can integrate with your electricity supplier to help you reduce consumption and save money? That’s right, the app gives you personalized advice to reduce your environmental footprint and your bill.

In addition, this application connects with your mobility and bank account to show how your consumption affects your carbon footprint. It’s a powerful tool to make informed decisions and reduce your environmental impact.

Join Nästa this Green Friday and make every day an opportunity to live more sustainably. Together, we can make a difference.

On the other hand, our friends at Griffo invite you to take a step towards a more sustainable future with their home water purification system. Why settle for less? Griffo not only offers a solution that respects the planet, but also people. It’s time to say goodbye to plastic and welcome a smarter, greener way to enjoy pure, crystal clear water in your home.

This Green Friday, join Griffo in its commitment to the environment. In addition to their water purification system, they offer valuable tips when it comes to making those purchases.

Sustainable alternatives to Black Friday

At Zubi Group, in line with our commitment to triple impact (environmental, social and economic), we join this movement and promote the adoption of alternatives and proposals that facilitate responsible consumption, not only during this period, but throughout the year. 

These are simple actions that can be the beginning of a significant change, so why not look for and actively participate in initiatives that promote sustainability and contribute to environmental causes this Green Friday? Together, we can make every action count.

  • Evaluate the real need for purchases: let’s reflect before buying a product, prioritizing the essentials to reduce unnecessary consumption.

  • Value quality over discount: let’s opt for long-lasting and better quality products instead of focusing only on the final price.

  • Consider sustainability and provenance: favor products with environmental certifications, prioritizing those manufactured responsibly with sustainable materials.

  • Support brands committed to sustainability: let’s opt for companies that promote sustainable practices in their production and distribution.

  • Opt for second-hand products or exchanges: explore options to purchase used items or participate in exchange programs to reduce environmental impact and promote reuse.

  • Prioritize support for local businesses and small businesses: let’s support local businesses or small, ethical businesses that produce sustainably, thus strengthening the local economy and supporting responsible practices.

  • Participate in volunteer initiatives or donations: Instead of focusing on shopping, consider getting involved in volunteering activities or donating to charities to promote a caring and socially responsible approach.

  • Promote education on responsible consumption: Participate in educational activities that teach about the importance of responsible and sustainable consumption, especially in educational and community environments.

  • Be informed about Green Friday actions: Let’s look for and actively participate in initiatives and promotions of companies that promote sustainability and contribute to environmental causes.

It’s time to join in. Small actions, big changes!

Green Friday not only has a positive impact on the environment, but also supports the construction of a more just and equitable world. The choice is ours. Opting for a Green Friday is an opportunity to make a difference. Will you join?