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Do you want to know how we are offsetting the CO2 we generate?

“Discover our forest in Calahorra de Boedo (Palencia), the reforestation project we are supporting to offset our carbon footprint.

Previously, this land was a degraded and unused grassland area. In recent years, and thanks to the involvement of Reforestum in this project, it has been transformed into a carbon sink with 17 different tree species.

With this project, apart from capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and enriching the soil, we promote biodiversity by creating optimal conditions for local wildlife.”

Bosque Zubi

Zubi Labs Forest

The project, located in the northern plateau of Castile and León, was created in 2021 with an area of 11.1 hectares, and thanks to it, 4,803.85 kg of CO2 have already been absorbed from the atmosphere. Once our forest reaches maturity, we estimate that it will have absorbed the equivalent of removing 17,580 cars from the roads for an entire day.

The plateau where the forest is located is characterized by cereal steppes, an ideal habitat for rodents and, consequently, raptors. It is also common to find deer, wild boars, squirrels, roe deer, rabbits, and pollinator species. Thanks to the forest, the native fauna is enhanced, and the ecosystem is being restored.

Creating new forests on abandoned or unused land, as well as conserving existing ones, is crucial. It not only allows us to capture the CO2 we generate but also helps control the planet’s temperature, prevent soil erosion, replenish aquifers, promote rainfall, and clean the air we breathe.

Bosque Zubi Labs Reforestum
Bosque Zubi Labs Reforestum

Thanks to technology, we can track the project’s daily progress. If you want to learn more about our forest, you can click on the following link: