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Constructive nonconformity, action, and impact

The year 2021 comes to an end, and it’s time to measure and analyze the impact that our organization has managed to generate in society. Once again, the time has come to tell the story of the work we have done and how we have done it through our generated impact.

After analyzing the data of our activities this year, I am pleased to see that above all, we have carried out honest, transparent work and have advanced steadily and committedly on the path of impact, with a clear mission: to address social and environmental challenges to build a better future.

It is satisfying to see how we are growing in numbers within the team, how our community is expanding, and, most importantly, how we have managed to create synergies both internally and externally, giving rise to the birth of a Zubi ecosystem. Here, customers, suppliers, strategic partners, investors, collaborators, and the community create a true network of impact that benefits all people and our planet.

I write about the memory of 2021, but I cannot help but look ahead to 2022, as this year we have faced an important challenge for the company, initiating a reorganization that responds to our growth and helps us take on more challenges and provide better solutions. 2021 has been the year in which we have designed the group that will come to life in 2022, structured into five business areas: entrepreneurship, sustainable urban development, investment and consultancy, guiding organizations toward positive impact.

Thus, Zubi Group is born, a group of impact-driven companies formed by committed individuals and change-makers. Cooperation, dialogue, and co-creation are the cornerstones of Zubi Group’s strategy for achieving our foundational purpose.

Undoubtedly, this restructuring has been largely driven by the collection of data to measure impact, as it has guided us in making decisions at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels to optimize the well-being impacts for all involved groups, become better agents of change, and set impact goals, objectives, and thresholds.

We cannot ignore that we are living in a time of multiple global crises, possibly some of the most significant challenges we have faced in decades. These challenges require attention, effort, and transformative solutions. We are faced with a panorama of significant social and environmental challenges.

This leads me to reflect, building upon some of our values: purpose and commitment as a way of life, and constructive nonconformity oriented towards action and impact. I don’t know if we will solve all the challenges we face, but this even more demanding landscape underscores the importance of the role we play and can and should play. I believe it obliges us to be even more ambitious, to choose opportunities better (and where we dedicate our efforts, energies, and resources), taking into account our potential contribution and additionality, scaling our solutions as quickly as possible, and thereby multiplying our impact. We will not stand idly by. We are Zubiers!

Iker Marcaide. Founder & Executive Chairman

Download our 2021 Impact Report here.