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Christmas traditions that generate a positive impact on society and the planet

Thanks to the donation of our Christmas baskets, we have removed 171 kg of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea and provided 153 sets of school books for refugee girls.

The holiday season is here, and at Zubi Group, it’s always a time to celebrate the joy of sharing our passion and the commitment to work for a better future. We have established traditions, such as the delivery of our Christmas basket, as a way to convey the care and values of the group to the people who work together day by day to make a positive contribution to solving social and environmental challenges.

The best way to convey those values that define us is to put love and care into everything we do, from our small acts to the execution of major projects… and our Christmas basket is no exception.

Once again, we have chosen to provide the Zubier community with a fair trade basket containing organic, high-quality, and healthy food—a responsible consumption option in collaboration with Intermon Oxfam. This not only serves as a special gift for the recipients but also contributes to making a difference in the lives of many families. These plastic-free packages are prepared with the support of individuals in vocational rehabilitation or with diverse abilities. Undoubtedly, these gifts are more than just presents; they represent a positive change for the world.

What if we donate the Christmas baskets?

But this year, we wanted to take a step further to expand our positive impact, and we proposed to the team the option of directly donating their Christmas baskets to two specific causes: plastic collection in our oceans through Gravity Wave and supporting the education of refugee girls through the Educa a una niña (Educate a Girl) program by UNHCR.

We removed 171 kg of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea, equivalent to 19,655 bottles of 0.5 liters.

More than 12 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans every year. The impact it has on the environment, marine life, and humans is devastating and irreversible.

Thanks to the donation of our baskets, at Zubi Group, we have contributed to collecting 171 kg of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea, which is equivalent to 19,655 bottles of 0.5 liters.

In this way, we have collaborated in the care and protection of our seas and the creation of a future free from plastic pollution. As stated by Gravity Wave, ‘we cannot change the past, but we can redirect the future.’

Support for the 'Educate a Girl' program to eradicate poverty, hunger, and promote equality.

“In order to generate a positive social impact, this time we have chosen a very special project that involves supporting the education of refugee girls through the ‘Educate a Girl’ program by UNHCR. The contribution made with our baskets is equivalent to 153 sets of books or the monthly salary of 12 teachers plus a scholarship for the education of a girl.

Why did we choose to donate to this program? Globally, at the primary level, refugee girls make up only 34% of the total number of enrolled refugee children. The multiple effects of education make it essential for achieving many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as eradicating poverty and hunger, promoting gender equality, and economic growth. For millions of refugee women and girls around the world, education is still an aspiration, not a reality.”

“With this action, we aim to contribute to reducing their vulnerability to sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, and child marriages. According to UNESCO, if all girls completed primary school, child marriages would drop by 14%. If they all completed secondary school, the decline would be 64%. For refugee girls and women facing increasing risks of displacement, education is even more critical.

Education serves as a protective factor in the lives of girls, and at Zubi Group, we will continue to work and invest all our resources, energy, and enthusiasm to build a better environment for all.”

Undoubtedly, this Christmas, our baskets are fuller than ever.